- Computer Vision
- ML, AI
- Human-Robot Interaction
Computer Vision Soft Robot Deformation Measurement
OpenCV, Python
Jan 2020 - Sept 2020
- Computer vision to measure (sub-mm precision) metrics of soft robot deformation (e.g.: inflection and min/max point positions, bend angle, arc length, etc)
- Interactive user interface for segmentation
- Future plans to implement deep-learning based segmentation in place of current color-based segmentation.

Northrop Grumman Internship - Software Engineering
C for MSP430 and C2000 microprocessors, Python for data reduction
Jan 2020 - Sept 2020
- Implemented pulse width modulation (PWM) and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) module functionality in TI C2000 microprocessor for cannon fire rate control
• Responsible for learning how to initialize those modules and understanding interactions between them
• Synchronized ADC measurements with PWM pulses to ensure valid readings of motor current
- Initialized and implemented I2C module -- TI C2000 microprocessor
• Communication with external EEPROM chip
- Implemented external crystal oscillator clock control on TI MSP430 microprocessor
All work done in C

- Created and updated tools for flight test telemetry data reduction
• For 30mm programmable airburst round and artillery guidance kit, respectively
• Wrote and validated user guide
• Work done in Python and MATLAB

- Gave presentation summarizing work and results to site upper management team
SLAM Pathfinding Bot
Mapping and autonomous path finding robot
November 2019 - December 2019
- ROS, Turtlebot, Astra Pro camera, ArUco tags
- Room mapping with SLAM
- Autonomous navigation around room after mapping
- summoning to predetermined locations (and arbitrary ones with the use of one library we didn't have time to implement...)
Custom Object-Detection Network: Sprinklernet
Senior Capstone Project, object detection neural net, ROS
Fall 2019
-Trained a custom object-detection model with YOLOv3 on Darknet with no previous machine learning coursework or experience (aside from watching a lot of YouTube videos about it)
- Senior Capstone project with Toro
- Smart lawn infrastructure trimmer (trim grass around/over sprinklers, valve box covers, etc, but don't damage them)
- Implemented trained model on Nvidia Xavier running ROS Melodic.
Target Practice Robot
November 2018 - December 2018
- Repurposed large-format inkjet printer slide as linear translation stage for launching platform.
- Robot moves to a random or user-defined position, calculates correct angle, aims, and launches ball into target.
- Arduino Uno for controller
- Reacts happy/sad to making/missing a shot, respectively.
- 3-ball hopper behind target. Launcher autonomously reloads itself after every shot. If no shots are missed, robot operates in loop until stopped: move, shoot, react, reload.
- Budget: $50
R.A.L.F The Line-Following Robot
May 2019 - June 2019
- Mbed controller
- state machine
- complicated tracks
(line breaks, crosses, obstacles to avoid, etc)
- 3d-printed chasis and wheels
- collect ping pong balls on the track with no moving parts
Robot-Lathe-Assisted Soft Robot Assembly
Arduino, closed-loop motor control (PID)
Summer and Fall 2018
- Teensy 3.5 interfaced with absolute rotary and linear encoders
- learned what a PID controller is and how to make one for this project
- Recipient of Undergraduate Opportunity Program (UROP) grant for this work
- Published and Presented work at 2019 Design of Medical Devices Conference