Animation, Simulation, Rendering, Compositing, Editing


Robotics Projects Videos

I love to make videos for robotics projects whenever possible; even though the videos often end up being made under...compressed timelines

Visuals for My

I make accompanying visualizers for some of my instrumentals. Each follows a common theme and is customized for its instrumental

Other Videos

Cool videos I've made that don't fit nicely in the other categories. Included: my (somewhat outdated) demo reel, football fan contest entry, and a couple others

Other Animations

Shorter, single-shot animations I've made for: medical research, startup marketing, and a few others

Video Game

These are where all this visual effects work started. They're a little old by now, but are special to me nonetheless. Without these videos, likely no other videos on this page would exist

Tech Projects


Visual Effects

Music Production

Audio Engineering